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Stories transmit information; they help us integrate our experience and manage life’s complexity. Everyone’s personal story is significant, especially in this era of rapid change when the nature of what it means to be human seems to be under reconstruction.

Our stories allow us to witness and be witnessed. They deepen our insights and refresh our perspectives. They reach back into the distant past and influence the future in ways we cannot anticipate. What is your story? How should you tell it? How do you choose its shape and style?

Storytelling may be a form of creative expression, a professional requirement, or a personal goal and journey of self discovery. It may be sad, funny, fictional or fact; it may be a snapshot or a saga. Whatever your reasons and whatever your project, writing coach Cathy Eden can help you find the voice to bring it to life.

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Do you want to...

Write your life story?

Start a blog?

Document your travels?

Expand your creativity?

Improve your writing technique?

Write a novel?

Cathy has coached people from all sorts of backgrounds, with all levels of writing proficiency. Whoever you are and whatever your goal, Cathy can support you on your creative writing journey.

I have had the benefit of Cathy's excellent coaching - she instinctively recognises each one's abilities, interests and skills and encourages one to achieve, enjoy and get published. I cannot think of anyone whom I would recommend as highly for the scary but exciting journey of writing.

Jill - author & consultant

With her insight and ability to connect with her students in the most personal of ways, Cathy makes us feel as if we have something valuable to contribute. She is a teacher, but also a friend, mentor and confidante, privy to our most intimate thoughts. In her presence we can express ourselves without fear of judgment. Ever diplomatic, her criticism is astute but gentle.

Carol - entrepreneur

As a Consulting Psychologist attempting to unlock latent potential in people every day, I am rarely rewarded with a true story of transformation. My time with Cathy however unwrapped a gift of self-belief and confidence to start writing my own book. I will forever credit her for unfurling my newly discovered, lifelong passion for writing.

Marc - psychologist

I believed you when you said I could write and I believed you when you suggested I try submitting an article for publication. You were the one I called in a panic when my first article was accepted and I had a wobble about charging for it!

Carri - entrepreneur

I appreciate your care, the detail and the feedback points. My deepest thanks for how you have helped the manuscript on its way.

Luthando - CEO & educator

You are so good at what you do and you have such great insight and wisdom to share. Thanks especially for your encouraging feedback, which has given me the confidence to continue writing for myself, not someone else.

Anna - journalist

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Are you able to attend physical groups in Cape Town, or would you prefer to work one-to-one via email?

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