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Journal writing for personal growth: Welcome

‘I'd like to work with a journal to improve self-knowledge’

Journal writing for personal growth: About

Journal writing for personal growth

Format: weekly 2.5hr group

Duration: three sessions, meeting once a week for three consecutive weeks.

Course fee: R1 500

Suitable for: People who are wanting to reflect on their choices, process change and develop more personal awareness.

Aim: To provide a supportive space in which to work with some of life's big questions which participants can then explore more deeply in their private writing.

Overview: Journal writing – the process of putting your thoughts down on paper and reflecting on them – is an easy, therapeutic practice that helps you begin a constructive dialogue with yourself.

Developing self-awareness is a life-long undertaking, but a regular writing habit can fast-track your discoveries. The moment you ask ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Is this it?’ you become a witness to your own life, your strengths, challenges and dreams.​

The process is private and personal. It is an individual journey that you take at your own pace and in your own way. You don’t need writing ability; all you need is some quiet time and a willingness to get to know yourself. There are no rules to journal writing and no guarantees of where it will take you. What it will do, however, is give you a route into your inner world, help you process change and discover hidden resources.

  • ​This course is not offered online as it includes facilitated discussion. It is best done in a small group, or one-to-one. Three private sessions of 1.5 hours each: R2 000

Journal writing for personal growth: About
Journal writing for personal growth: Welcome
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