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Creative Writing Practice part 2: Welcome

‘I'd like to continue my creative writing practice'

Creative Writing Practice part 2: About

Course: Creative Writing Practice part 2

Format: one-to-one via email

Duration: six weeks

Course fee: R3 000

This is a follow-on course to Creative Writing Practice part 1. The structure is the same but part 2 includes new topics with another set of notes and assignments.

Suitable for: Writers who are committed to regular, ongoing practice and who want to hone their craft and learn more about the writing life. This programme is a natural follow-on from the Introduction to Creative Writing, but could also be a starting point for more experienced writers.

Aim: To provide more detailed instruction on selected aspects of the introductory course and to challenge writers to produce work that incorporates what they have learned.

Overview: A series of informative notes (see topics below) that focus on one aspect of writing at a time, with a related exercise and/or assignment.

What you get: Each week, for six consecutive weeks, you will receive an emailed document containing notes on an aspect of writing, as well as a related writing exercise or assignment, for which you will receive detailed written feedback.

How it works: Part one will be delivered on receipt of payment for the full programme. When the first assignment is submitted, I will return the feedback within three days, along with part two. Each subsequent section will be emailed as the previous section’s assignment is received.

Estimated time commitment: Two or three hours a week to complete the writing assignments.

Topics: Please note that I may switch the order of the notes, depending on your needs.

Week 1: Honing the craft

Week 2: Coping with criticism

Week 3: Write what you know

Week 4: Are you trying to be funny?

Week 5:  Keep new projects under wraps

Week 6: Writing as therapy

Creative Writing Practice part 2: About
Creative Writing Practice part 2: Welcome
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