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Communication skills training: Welcome

‘I’d like to build my communication skills’

Communication skills training: About

Course: communication skills training

Good communication in the workplace requires more than fluency and a grasp of grammar and punctuation. It involves listening and the ability to distil and relay content; it also demands self-
knowledge and a willingness to understand others.

These training sessions equip participants with tools that can be used in their personal lives
as well as at work. They build competence but also promote self-esteem, responsibility and

Format: Half-day modules can be put together in various ways to provide the most effective package, depending on the needs of the audience. Training takes place at client’s premises.

Who should attend: Anyone engaged in management, liaison, customer service or administration.
Benefit to participants: Increased confidence in written communication; enhanced awareness of
communication dynamics; improved interaction skills when dealing with colleagues or the public.

Benefits: Fewer mistakes in official letters and reports; improved professional image; increase in staff morale and capability.


1. General communication and personal development:
Communication is a conversation that requires appreciation of verbal and non-verbal messages, the ability to listen, awareness of others' points of view, and the confidence and maturity to cope
with difficult situations.

  • Module one: Introduction, verbal/non-verbal communication, questioning and listening skills

  • Module two: Self esteem, understanding others, beliefs and attitudes, responsibility

  • Module three: Leadership skills, choices, defining success, aiming for excellence

  • Module four: Customer service, difficult clients, managing conflict and giving feedback

2. Written communication:
Poorly written reports, letters and emails damage a company's reputation. These modules cover common errors in grammar and punctuation and give employees a guide to better writing.

  • Module five: Writing styles, understanding the audience, grammar and punctuation,

  • common mistakes, jargon, Email etiquette

  • Module six: Steps to better writing, constructing reports, writing for low literacy readers


  • De Beers, Namaqualand: I Care... I Can customer service training for Capstone Consulting

  • Portswood and Commodore Hotels, Cape Town: I Care... I Can customer service training

  • FNB: facilitator for the transformational VUKA programme

  • School of Social Work, University of Cape Town: Professional communication lectures

  • Plumstead Electrical and Okavango Lighting: Communication training for employees

  • AfroAnt Recruitment: Writing skills training and staff support

  • Habitat for Humanity: Writing skills training

  • Pick 'n Pay: Writing skills training

  • Mobilize Transit TV (Swaziland): Writing skills training

  • Wynand Wilsenach Architects: Writing skills training

Communication skills training: About
Communication skills training: Welcome
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