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Manuscript review: Welcome

‘I’ve started my story but I’m stuck / not sure if it’s any good’

Manuscript review: About

Service: Manuscript review and editing

'Editing' is a term that needs qualification. It covers a range of services, from correcting grammar and punctuation errors in a final draft to suggesting cuts, changes and rewrites earlier in the process. It's up to each writer to decide when to bring in an editor.

Editing is a painstaking and therefore expensive job, so when you ask someone to work on your story make it clear what level of attention you want. Perhaps you aren't ready for editing, but need an overall opinion or a few suggestions on how to improve aspects of the story, such as character development, dialogue, or descriptive detail.

Once you have been through your manuscript several times and are happy with your final product, it will be easier and quicker for an editor to help with the final polish.


  • Reading, commenting and light editing: R450/hr

  • Manuscript development and detailed editing: hourly rate or project fee by arrangement​​

Manuscript review: About
Manuscript review: Welcome
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