Open Book



'I'd like to attend additional workshops to refresh or expand my skill'


Course: one-day workshops

Format: usually a single 2.5hr group session in Cape Town

Price: typically R450​

When: please get in touch for upcoming dates

  • Creative writing - single session workshops cover various topics: writing practice using a word or picture prompt; editing tips; dialogue writing; character development; writing for children; magazine feature writing; humorous columns.

  • Story mapping - this workshop can be attended on its own or as a follow-on to the Introduction to fiction course. It covers the preparation and design phase of a project, as well as questions relating to audience, length and format. Using big pieces of paper, participants plot the main themes and sections of their story, creating a map to work from.

  • Travel writing - tips to help you turn your travel experiences into features and columns for publication. The focus is on packaging the content, using sidebars, writing vivid descriptions and strong captions.