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Writers' groups weekly update: romance in the air

There are romance writers, and then there are people who can write about romance, which is not necessarily the same thing. Belinda Wilkinson, a member of the Thursday evening group, has the rare ability to write romantic scenes that are neither predictable nor saccharine: she takes a moment – a snapshot – and captures the nostalgia, longing and complexity of relationship in an understated way, which is far more sexy than if she’d been explicit. She knows what to leave out, what not to say, to make the interaction more poignant.

So often in writing, the more intense the situation, the lighter the touch that’s needed. After hearing Belinda read, you can’t help but heave a sigh as you contemplate your own lost loves and naive romantic dreams. Belinda is building up a collection of vignettes that have a common thread... more about her project when she is ready to share her work.


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