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Selected course participants' writing | Cathy's blog

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Showcase stories are drawn from course participants' assignments and work. These pieces are featured with the authors' permission but may not be used elsewhere.​

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Single woman with cat

By Cathy Eden A woman with only a cat for company has no time to be lonely. A woman with a cat is a woman in training. Eva came to me as...

Stargazing in Sutherland

By Cathy Eden The directions to Sutherland couldn’t be easier: take the N1 from Cape Town and turn left at Matjiesfontein. That’s it....


By Penny Marek I am an old suitcase: strong, sturdy, dependable and slender – until filled. There is nothing I love more than being taken...

Lost in the mist

By Cathy Eden If I ever lose my mind, just push me off a cliff; I’d hate to be a burden.’ That’s what my mother used to say when she was...

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Showcase & blog: About
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