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Word prompts: Welcome

‘I want to write but I’m not disciplined and I don’t know what to write about. Help!’

Word prompts: About

Course: Word Prompts

Format: one-to-one via email

Duration: eight consecutive weeks

Course fee: R2 800

Suitable for: Writers who want ideas for writing practice and who would benefit from the discipline of a weekly deadline to keep them on track. Bloggers should find this particularly helpful.

Aim: To encourage regular practice, spontaneity and variety in your writing. Word prompts open new avenues of thought, often resulting in work that is fresh and interesting.

Overview: This simple package consists of a choice of five words each week, one of which will hopefully trigger a train of thought that leads you into a piece of writing. The aim is not to write an essay on the topic, but to allow the prompt to spark an idea that may take you anywhere.

What you get: Feedback on your weekly writing, and a helpful sense of accountability.

How it works: For ten consecutive weeks I will send you five words. For example, week one might be: PINK, GLOOM, WATER, RUBBERY, ROOFTOPS. Pick any of the words, or an unused one from a previous set, as the inspiration for your piece. Submit your work for comment, which I will return to you along with the next set of word prompts. 

Estimated time commitment: An hour or two a week.

Word prompts: About
Word prompts: Welcome
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