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Writers' groups: a weekly update

The writers who meet in my home each month are a constant source of inspiration and


There are novelists and columnists, a poet and several autobiographical writers. Within

each of the four groups there are very different styles, rhythms and topics, but the common

thread is the ability to observe the world, a love of stories and a willingness to hear and be

heard. Sometimes we cry with laughter; sometimes we weep over heartbreaking words.

Mostly, we feel much better afterwards, because either way, storytelling is cathartic.

One of the writers suggested that I share a little of what goes on in the groups with

a wider audience, so that’s what I’m going to do; partly to expand the network, partly for

each group to see what the others are doing, and partly as a personal antidote to endless

bad news.

Writing helps us process and re-frame experience. Our groups are a forum for

reading and discussing our work, but they also provide community and mutual

encouragement. Now and then they deliver a surprise, such as these fingerless mittens,

which Calene knitted for the Thursday morning group, otherwise known as The Oatcake

Club. More about them and the others soon ...


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