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Writers' groups: the discipline to write

Much of what a writer produces never reaches an audience, but we keep working anyway. One of the great benefits of writers’ groups is that our stories get an airing; they come off the page and into the circle, where they can be heard and acknowledged.

Although being published is not our primary goal, it’s always such a boost to the spirits to

sell an article or see a project in print. We’ve celebrated two successes recently: poet Carri Kuhn, whose delicate work is balm for the soul, has two poems in the McGregor Poetry Festival’s 2019 anthology, and Carol Poolton, from the Friday group, has her second article in Fairlady. They can both feel justifiably triumphant!

Here’s an excerpt from one of Carol’s pieces, which expresses the creative process so well:

‘Being published for the first time was a thrill, a defining moment. I had considered myself to be a finished product; sure that whatever gifts nature bestowed had been fully exploited by now. To find that there is a part of me still unexplored, a depth to be fathomed, was a revelation.

For me, discovering this outlet for creativity has been a blessing, and my journey continues.

And so, it must be said, does my frustration. Often, I just can’t find the words; it’s hard work pulling those concealed thoughts out of my mind. They are stubbornly resistant, preferring not to reveal themselves, playing hard to get. But sometimes, out of the fog, they emerge and can be assembled into order. And then comes the right phrasing, the appropriate vocabulary, the relatable idea – and the satisfaction.’


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